PSCU has become Canvas Credit Union

We invite you to join us on a new journey as we mark our evolution with a new brand: Canvas Credit Union. Our brand celebrates and expresses the family, credit union, employer and community members we are today. We’re so grateful and happy to have you on this exciting transformation with us as we gear up for our new brand, together.

See more of our adventure of becoming Canvas Credit Union in our video.

Our story

For eighty years, Public Service Credit Union has grown and evolved with you, our members, and the community around us. Our roots began in 1938 as the credit union for the Public Service Company of Colorado employees and has since grown, now with over 232,000 members and 529 team members. And we’re dedicated to continuing the culture that celebrates our people and the credit union difference. Intuitively, we knew (and you told us!) that our brand identity had not caught up with the rest of our organization. Now, we’re excited to show you what we’ve become.

The Canvas Credit Union brand

We’ve evolved as an organization, growing our footprint and family to serve new members, and fostering a vibrant culture that celebrates our people and the credit union difference. When you’re with Canvas Credit Union, you’re family, and we make sure 
our experience delivers on this feeling.

Our name

The name Canvas means so many things to so many different people—it signifies a blank canvas or a foundation for you to build on, creating your own unique life journey. Canvas also points to the breadth of services and coverage we offer Colorado; with 28 branches across the state, we cover our members, no matter where you are. We also proudly use Credit Union in our name because we’re committed to being a financial cooperative and putting people before profits.

How we got here

Before we even considered a new name or logo, we talked with you, our community. We started by looking internally to identify those things that are uniquely “us” and then turned to our broader community to understand the needs of members. And through our research, we uncovered key building blocks for the foundation of our brand, the energy people have for our organization and how we work together to help you afford life.

  • People want a financial partner who is on their team
  • Our people are the heart of our brand and experience
  • The benefits of credit unions must be felt, not just communicated
  • We’re not your typical financial institution—we embrace our quirks and our love for our people and members

When you're a Canvas Credit Union member, you're family and we're committed to making this a core part of our unique experience.

A financial provider should be personable, knowledgeable, and people oriented. To believe in your goals and put them above the bottom line while balancing realism in finances is also necessary.

— Colorado Resident

What's to come

From now through the end of August, we are becoming Canvas Credit Union. In this time, you will see both of our names and identities, as we work towards our new future as Canvas Credit Union. While we’re going through this transformation, our amazing people and commitment to our members are not going anywhere. Don’t worry, for now, our credit cards, debit cards, checks and account access will remain the same. As our new website is developed and cards expire, we will provide you with updates to make the transition easy.

Letter from our President & CEO

Dear Canvas Credit Union Family

Joy fills my life. I’ve been blessed with an incredible family, a career that I love, an enthusiasm for sport and adventure, and a passion for music that fills my soul. Yet today, as I stand with our team and envision our future, I feel restlessness. The kind of restlessness I’ve seen in my sons and my daughter before they run onto the field for a big game. The kind of restlessness I’ve seen in my daughter, Macy before she sings her first note on a stage. The kind of restlessness I see in my fellow Coloradans as they begin an early morning attempt to summit a fourteener. It’s the restlessness of presence, possibility and promise.

As I reflect on this moment in time for our credit union family, I imagine the lives of our members. I feel the promise of a young woman about to cross the stage as she graduates. I feel the nervousness of a young man about to propose to the love of his life. I hear the waves lapping the sand on the first night of a young family’s first trip to the ocean. I see a tear fall down the cheeks of a couple as they chart their first road trip as retirees. That’s the promise of our family. We help you afford life and live your dreams.

Occasionally a new friend will ask me why I dedicated my life to credit unions. It’s a fair question and one I love to answer. On the surface, leading a credit union doesn’t sound like it could compare to a life of performing or running a start-up. For me, it’s a calling with a higher purpose. For years I dreamed of inviting a team of people I love to come together to serve others. Today, at Canvas I am surrounded by people I adore who see potential and share my restlessness to ensure potential manifests. They won’t rest until it does. Together, side-by-side, we help our members dream and we race with them towards those moments that they’ll remember for life.

We see each of our members’ futures as a blank canvas, a unique possibility waiting to be painted. Our new brand and name bring to life the work we’ve been doing for over 80 years and today, we invite even more Coloradans to create their own unique and bright future with us.

We are Canvas Credit Union. We help you afford life. Join us for this journey. Paint your Canvas.

With love,

Todd Marksberry

President & CEO

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We've given you a lot of information, and would be surprised if you don't have questions. Take a look through the FAQ's below, where we provide more detail around this change and how it impacts you. If you still have questions that remain unanswered, contact us directly at 1.877.563.9163 or use this handy contact form and we'll get right back to you.

Why are we changing our name to Canvas Credit Union?

We’re changing our name – not our commitment to you, our family, or all of the communities we serve. Public Service says so much about who we are and where we’ve come from, but as we look at who we are today and how our membership has transformed over the years, we want a name that really reflects us. Before even considering a name change, we surveyed hundreds of members and employees to see if our most important people were open to a change. With their overwhelming support, we knew it was time to go after a name that captures our warmth, our quirks, and our personal dedication to standing shoulder to shoulder with each of our members. The name Canvas better expresses who we are and who we know we can be.

Has PSCU been bought by another company, or is this a merger?

PSCU has not been purchased by another company, nor is our name change a result of a merger with another company. Public Service Credit Union has been around since 1938, and we are a full-service financial cooperative with more than 232,000 members and 529 team members. We are the third largest credit union in Colorado at $2.3B in assets. We aren’t going anywhere. We are in this for the long haul.

Why the name Canvas?

After a whole lot of research and testing, which was foundational to choosing the name Canvas, what we found was that members and non-members alike, associated the name Canvas Credit Union with a customized approach and our purpose of “helping you afford life.” As one person we talked with said, “I can see it as a blank canvas, and being able to create a better life through the financial backing of the credit union.”

We also found that they connected the idea of “canvas” with a company that offers a breadth of services and locations. One member associated the name with an organization that has “lots of different financial options - I think of a blank canvas that can be painted to whatever I want.”

Lastly, we also heard, that those we spoke with found Canvas to be both unique and welcoming, while also reminiscent of Colorado. We heard, “Canvas is the most welcoming name.” “I think of a canvas as being like a tarp that covers everything. People who are outdoorsy types use canvases as they go play in the mountains. They’re used as tents. As protectors to cover firewood. I just think a canvas is a Colorado term.”

So, with that, Canvas was born. We love it and are embracing all that comes with it. We hope you feel the same passion and joy that we feel for our new name.

What does this mean for my money, checks, credit cards, everything!?

Breathe easy. We’re looking out for you. Everything PSCU: checks, credit cards, account numbers, routing numbers, etc. will continue to work just as they always have. Over the next several months, you’ll start to see a lot of things change – the inside of our branches, our ATMs, pens, papers, and at some point, everything will become Canvas. With all of these changes, our commitment and passion for you – our members – is unchanged. In fact, over the next few months our people are going through training sessions to ensure that our member experience consistently delivers on our purpose: helping you afford life. Based on what we heard from you in our research, we’re committed to making your experience with us even more approachable, shoulder-to-shoulder, and fun. Because we don’t think banking should ever be complicated, overly formal
or cold.

When will we receive checks, debit cards, credit cards, etc. with the Canvas name and graphics?

We will begin issuing newly branded cards and checks in August. However, we won’t send out debit and credit cards until your current cards are about to expire. But don’t worry, your current cards will absolutely work.

What is going on with Canvas and Colorado State University?

In April, we entered into a long-term partnership to become the new stadium sponsor and official credit union partner of CSU. What an exciting time! The Canvas name will also bless the new CSU stadium. This is an extraordinary opportunity to welcome many more Coloradans into our family.

We want to help as many people as we can, afford life and help ensure a bright financial future. CSU shares our passion for Colorado and putting people before profit. And expanding our family with great partners like CSU means our ability to serve each of our members grows stronger.

Can any Colorado State University Alumni become a member, even if they live outside of Colorado?

Absolutely. Joining the Canvas family is really easy. CSU Alumni can join by visiting one of our branches, going online at, or calling us at (303) 691-2345 in the Denver area, in the Fort Collins Area (970) 416-5000, and outside the Denver Metro and Fort Collins Areas at (800) 437-7328.

Are my accounts still NCUA insured? Will legal contracts with PSCU still be valid?

Yes! We are still federally insured by NCUA, and all legal obligations entered into by PSCU will continue to be honored under our new name. At our core, we are the same people and the same organization.

Should I continue to make loan payment checks out to PSCU?

Yep. You can continue to make checks out to PSCU. That will change eventually, but for the immediate future, we will continue to accept checks made out to PSCU. As of June 4, 2018, we will also accept checks made out to Canvas Credit Union.

Will the website change? How about Online and Mobile Banking?

Yes, we will have a new website soon, and we will be excited to share more with you, including the website address, when the new site is ready to launch. We know you’ll love it. However, even after it launches, if you attempt to visit, it will still send you to the new site so there’s no risk of not finding us or your online banking. Our online and mobile banking will continue to work just as they always have, and soon will have a new look and feel to reflect our new brand.

Will mail addressed to PSCU still be delivered? How about email?

Yes. It will be some time, perhaps years, before our name change impacts USPS mail delivery. Email will continue to be delivered to PSCU addresses.

Will I need to update my automatic deposit information?

Nope. Your account numbers and our routing number will remain the same. So, the direct deposit information you have provided to your employers will continue to work for your accounts.

How will this affect my branch? How about ATMs?

Some of our branches will begin getting new signs very soon. But it will be several months before we have our new name on all of our branches and ATMs. Our branches will remain open and our ATMs will still work throughout the process.

We are working hard to minimize any disruptions to business as usual and prevent any inconveniences along the way.

I’m from XYZ paper/news outlet. I’d like to get a quote for a story we are doing.

Please direct inquiries to our Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Tansley Stearns, at 303.639.2146 or

I’m not crazy about the new name. And I resent all the money PSCU has spent on naming the CSU stadium. How can I register my protest?

We know not everyone will love the name, but we have a feeling once you see just how well it represents us and the future we can create together, it’ll grow on you and you might even start to love it as much as we do.

Our partnership with Colorado State University goes well beyond naming the stadium. It’s really an amazing opportunity to welcome more members into our family while supporting Colorado. While this kind of sponsorship may feel unheard of for a credit union, this is intentional. For a long time, credit unions have been a best kept secret and we’re committed to raising awareness so that more people can have better financial services experience. And because we’re a cooperative, all of our members benefit as our membership grows.

Please feel free to contact us at the numbers on this sheet or visit